Government has set up State Public Policy and Planning Board (SPPPB) in September 2016 to function as a Policy Think Tank of the State Government and provide broad policy direction and input while designing policies and programmes for the state. The SPPPB is mandated to do the following:

• Prepare a Vision Mission and Long and Short Term Perspective Plan for State and Districts

• Collection of primary and secondary data and preparation of sectoral position papers

• Review and evaluation of the progress of implementation of the policies and programs including documentation and dissemination of internal and external best practices and recommendation of such adjustments and measures as review may indicate for effective and efficient implementation

• Providing Knowledge and innovation support to departments/districts to various stakeholders specially government and local body functionaries

• Developing measurable parameters and indices across sectors, in consultation with Departments and also developing a system of inculcating healthy competition across districts by devising methodology of ranking the districts on these parameters

• Convergence and de-duplication among schemes being implemented by different departments
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